Careers Education and Guidance

Student learning for careers education is mainly managed through our excellent Student Development Day Programme. Approximately each half term the normal timetable is suspended for a day where the theme of Careers, pathways and decision making for future success are explored. Currently in each year the following is typically covered:

Year 7 = A reflection on the 10 most popular career pathways – this is presented in a creative and practical way involving Internet research, interviewing and in sharing these with other pupils in a creative and competitive way.

Year 8 = Introduction to Connexions Service Bury and school personnel. An introduction to using the important National Careers website features also. Other activities including exploring their own interests, skills and preferred learning styles are developed in relation to possible future careers.

Year 9 = Making effective decision in the context of GCSE options subjects. We also encourage all our pupils to seek and organise a work shadow placement.

Year 10 = All pupils participate in a FE College taster day experience, complete a pre-interview guidance questionnaire in readiness for 1-1 interviews; whilst some may have opportunity for university campus visits and summer school events.

Year 11 = All pupils have the opportunity to explore the National Apprenticeship Scheme and familiarise themselves with the supportive national and regional websites which includes important current labour market information. There are also on-going inputs from local FE Colleges, the development of job application skills followed by a mock interview experience. We ask all pupils to draft out personal statements of achievement and CVs. There is also time set aside to consider some key financial management skills for life e.g. bank accounting, leaving home issues and accommodation needs and budgeting, including raising issues about student finance for Higher Education. Where possible we invite ex-students to help in this.

Backing Bury

In addition to all this the school is increasingly involved with The Backing Young Bury initiative which include the possible attendance at local Careers fairs, recruiting agencies and contact with local apprenticeship providers.

Further themed days within our Student Development Day Programme include Enterprise Days and reflection on aspects S.T.E.M (vital future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Occasionally, we have visiting guest speakers from the Armed Forces, other Training Providers and local business representatives.


Connexions Service

In addition to any taught learning, schools are required to provide an impartial independent advisory service for all pupils above the age of 12. For this we are currently in partnership with the local Bury Connexions Service who are based at:

3 Knowsley Place, Duke Street, Bury, BL9 0EJ

Tel: 0161 253 7733    Fax: 0161 253 7755

Parents can seek direct advice, drop in and make appointments at the centre, and be reassured that the service in Bury has a national recognition and award status for its guidance and expertise.

In school we currently have 3 Connexions Advisers who provide additional support and guidance including:

Support in Education Health Care Planning / transition meeting with parents.

1-1 careers guidance interviews.

Small group work for SEN Pupils / Apprenticeships / Year 9 GCSE options decisions.

Attend Parents’ Evenings for years 9-11.

Other Special Event Evenings – post 14 and 16 pathway evenings.

Lunch drop in sessions.

Confidential support and referral systems to other services.

Provide current Labour Market Information.

Parents can contact Advisers directly through email: – for pupils in E and L Form Groups – pupils in other Form Groups – vulnerable year 11 pupils who have little awareness of their future pathways


Parents can secure additional support and guidance through the following web links:

National Careers Service – this is an excellent all round comprehensive website that is a must to look at:

National Apprenticeship Service – all round information including application processes with a ‘filter’ facility to locate vacancies in the GM region:

A further web link that has Apprenticeship advice and some vacancies with the larger employers, for those not considering University routes:

Also recently launched (September 2015) is the GM Apprenticeship Hub – See Differently Campaign, which promotes Apprenticeships across Greater Manchester, and will have an increasing number of vacancies plus advice for young people and parents alike:

UCAS (University information, issues and application processes) – this is something to be aware of in any planning ahead over the next 5 years:

For labour market information:

All our local Further Education Colleges have comprehensive websites that outline courses on offer, methods of application, contact details and how further information and guidance can be gained. A national web link for all colleges can be found at:

The school itself provides its own specific Annual Guidance Evening for Post 16 Pathways in September for which all parents are welcome to attend and seek further help.


Any further ongoing or specific enquiries regarding Careers Guidance and Post 16 Pathways should be made to:

Mr Lumb (Assistant Headteacher)