Pen Portraits

Co-opted Governors

Norman Rosindale – Chair of Governors

I am Chair of the Governing Body and also Chair of the Premises, Health and Safety Committee. I am also a member of the Curriculum Committee and the Finance and Personnel Committee. I started as a parent governor in 1988 when my first daughter attended Elton. My other two daughters also attended Elton with my youngest leaving in 2000. I am currently a co-opted governor.

I worked as an engineering manager for a large international engineering consultancy involving projects throughout the world. My experience involved project management, design, supervision of construction and the commissioning of control systems in the water, power and railway industries. My last role was as an Engineering Manager, responsible for the project management, financial and technical direction of projects within the oil and gas unit.

I am now retired and feel very privileged to still be involved with The Elton High School.

I strongly believe that our school, with the support of the staff and parents, can achieve its goals and I feel it a privilege to serve as a member of the Governing Body of The Elton High School.  My colleagues and I will continue to work diligently for the success of the school, its staff and students.

Roger Burgess – Vice Chair of Governors

I am Vice Chair of Governors and I also sit on the Premises, Health & Safety Committee and the Student Committee.

Though now retired, I worked in the transport industry, where I started at the bottom, driving all over the country, before running a multi-million pound transport operation for Aldi the supermarket company, to eventually running my own business for nine years.  At present, I have a young man at school in Year 9 and have a daughter who was at Elton and who is now in her last year at university.

My wife and I are foster carers for Bury Social Services. Over the past twenty eight years,  we have cared for over seventy children with numerous problems and have gained a great deal of skills helping these children, I am actively involved in training new carers for Bury and I have also sat on Bolton Social Services Fostering Panel for the past four years.

Having only been recently voted to the position of Vice Chair, which I am extremely proud of, myself and my colleagues work hard towards improving the high standards that the teaching staff provide at The Elton High School and hope continue doing so in out new school in September…

I am extremely family focused, and thoroughly enjoy helping, teaching and supporting children in care.  I have always been involved with the schools my children and fostered children have attended; I was on the PTA for twenty five years for one of the local schools.

Heather Birkett-Rothwell

Heather BR

I have been a governor of The Elton High School for 6 years, firstly as a parent governor and now as a co-opted governor.  I am the proud parent of two children, who have both attended The Elton High School.

I am currently working as a primary school teacher in a Bury school which I thoroughly enjoy, having made a career change from the vehicle finance industry. Both careers have given me skills and experience which support me in my role as a governor, such as communication skills and an educational understanding.

I am passionate about education, and believe we have a duty to foster a lifelong love of learning and ensure that every pupil who walks through our doors receives every opportunity to reach their true potential. Being on the governing body of The Elton High School is a privilege and I enjoy working with other governors to serve the pupils of the school.

Melissa Burrows

I am currently chair of the student committee and an active member of the governing body.

Initially I was a parent governor, wanting to get actively involved in the school as my first child started The Elton five years ago. As my second child also attends – and because I enjoy my part in the governing body – I agreed to take a place as a co-opted governor when my service as a parent governor ended.
I currently run my own business locally, and bring many skills to the governing body, both through my new business, and from my previous life as a HR/Learning and Development consultant in the corporate world in the UK and abroad.

Councillor Michael Hankey

I have been a school governor at several schools in Bury since 2004 and at The Elton High for approximately seven years.

I am a Councillor for Elton ward (first elected in 2006) so have a keen interest in The Elton High. I was initially appointed as an LA governor and was delighted to be asked later to become a co-opted governor.

I have worked in public practice accountancy all my working life and feel that the skills learned here can be valuable to the Governing Body, particularly in these times of budget constraints.

I have a long standing interest in education and feel that in The Elton High we have a school to be proud of which can only improve still further when we move to our fantastic new building.

Councillor Jackie Harris

Jackie Harris1 (1) (1)

Becoming a governor at The Elton High has given me the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team, dedicated to improving the educational attainment of our students.  I was invited to join the governing body in 2006 following my election as Councillor at Bury MBC.  My role as History Link Governor connects with my BA Hons in History from the University of Manchester.

I have a business background as Finance Director for my family business; there my role as Vice Chair of the Finance Committee is geared to my expertise.

As a councillor, I have strong links with the local community and an understanding of issues from out local community and an understanding of issues from our school and Bury MBC’s perspective.  I am honoured to be involved in the strategic planning and direction of our school.

Laura Rosindale

L Rosindale

Neil Scruton

I have extensive teaching and educational leadership and management experience, serving for 42 years in Special Education, three comprehensive schools and as Headteacher of The Elton High School for 27 years.  During my period of service at The Elton High School, I served as a Governor and additionally as a Governor of two primary schools, a Pupil Referral Unit and Bury College.

My achievements as Headteacher of The Elton High School include:  transformation of the culture, ethos and standards in the School, significant improvements in student examination outcomes, achievement of a variety of national awards, designation as a Specialist School, achievement of Good with significant outstanding features under OFSTED Inspection (2009) and approval for a complete re-build of the School.

My role is to serve the students to the best of my ability by supporting the excellent Headteacher and Governing Body in the strategic management of the School, continuing the School’s status as the most sought after state secondary school, by parents, in Bury.

Local Authority Representative

John Costello

I have been a member of the governing body of The Elton High School for nearly thirty years.  I currently serve on both the curriculum and and student sub-committees.  I chair the curriculum sub-committee.

I am a retired teacher, having been involved in Education for 50 years.  I serve on the governing body of a neighbouring high school where I am currently Chair of the Governing Body and chair of both the finance and personnel sub-committees.  I am chair of the trustees of Bury Metro Arts Association (B.M.A.A).

I bring commitment, dedication and experience to the role of LA appointed governor.

Parent Governors

Johanna Ellison


I became a Parent Governor of Elton High School in 2015 when my son, Isaac, moved into year 8.

I am honoured to be trusted with one of the parent governor postions as it means I can assist in the decision making process to ensure the school provides my son and all other pupils with the best secondary education within a friendly and safe environment.

In my day job, my family and I run a small accountancy practice in Bury.

Lynne Hainsworth


I became a parent governor towards the end of 2015 and was delighted to take on this role. My eldest daughter is currently in Year 8 at Elton and has had a very positive experience at high school so far. I have worked in education for twenty years as a teacher, at a variety of schools in the Primary sector, across the whole age range.

I am particularly interested in the transition from Primary to Secondary, and the changing curriculum and exam structures.  I  have enjoyed my time as a governor so far and have already learnt a lot about secondary education. I will offer commitment and determination to support the school in its current period of change and in its move to the new build.

Lee Thorne

Chris Warren


I am a member of the Governing body and also of the Premises, Health and Safety committee and  Finance and Personnel committee.  I am the Link Governor for Numeracy.

I started as a parent governor in September 2015 when my son commenced his second year at Elton. I look forward to my daughter joining him in the Autumn of 2016.  I currently work as the Business and Finance Director at a college for 14-19 year olds in Burnley.  My experience involves being a member of the senior leadership team and helping to shape the day to day and long term operation of the college.  I have specific responsibility for finance; as an independent college we have a completely delegated budget. My role also encompasses management of the building and it’s maintenance and also health and safety within college.

I will use my skills and experience to support the SLT at Elton to help drive success for the school its staff and students leading to educational excellence.

Iain MacKay

I am proud to state that I attended Elton High School from 1984-89 and I was deputy head boy in the fifth year. It was a very enjoyable period in my life and I recall many happy memories. The education and support that I received from staff helped shape the person that I am today, enabling me to study at Loughborough University and develop a successful career. My daughter now attends the school and, having attended a number of open evenings and events, I can see that the learning and support ethos of the school has grown even stronger. Initiatives such as Art to Heart clearly demonstrate this. The importance of a strong education cannot be underestimated and I am passionate that all children, irrespective of background, should have access to this to enable them to reach their potential.

My current employment is with the civil service; I am a senior caseworker in the Ministry of Justice. As part of my role, I often deal with stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds, including members of the public, solicitors and Members of Parliament. The main aspect of my job is analysing data and using this to grant/refuse applications, produce reports and plan direction to take matters forward. I believe such skills would be useful in the role of school governor.

I am very fortunate that my employer is enthusiastic about encouraging employees to improve their skills, not only to enable better productivity but also to help clients and the wider community. A current project that I am involved in is the “Ministry of Justice Schools Outreach Programme”, which involves attending schools, often with socio-economically disadvantaged pupils, to promote how they can obtain apprenticeships and start a career in the civil service. I have attended numerous events, making presentations and speaking to students. The most rewarding experiences have been when students have engaged and shown interest in the content during and after the presentations. This project will continue and grow further in 2018.

It would be a privilege to serve my former school and local community.

Staff Governors

Mr J Wilton – Headteacher