Students help Local Charity

Once again chocolate saves the day, as pupils across the school endured a sugar rush in aid of the local charity, Boomerang. Unfortunately the Multi-sensory Play Centre, which caters for young people with all levels of disabilities across the North West, was at risk of closure and this is where the students of The Elton High School stepped in to save the day.

It was decided that chocolate would be the key ingredient when it came to raising money. Year 9 students generously brought in mounds of chocolate – including their beloved Easter eggs – to be raffled off for a good cause. Students across the school also bought tickets for the chocolate tombola and raffle and several hundred pounds was raised for this superb charity.

Silence is Golden

However, it was the sponsored silence that really brought in the cash. On Wednesday the 29th April 2015 the whole of Year 9 participated in a sponsored silence (much to the disappointment of their teachers!) and the challenge was on. For two whole hours classrooms were stunned to silence and only communicated with mini-whiteboards. I am sure you will agree this was an almost impossible task for some. It was quite interesting in the Year 9 English lesson in CM2, you could hear a pin drop – as the teacher was also involved in the sponsored silence; there was plenty of sign language in that classroom!

Probably the most poignant moment was during a visit to Boomerang. Mrs Turbill’s Year 9 English group participated in a visit to the multi-sensory play centre to see just what the money would be spent on. During this session the pupils were privileged to spend time with some students from The Grange Special School and the maturity and empathy they demonstrated was quite exceptional. A truly memorable moment.