Science Week

For the second year running students from all Year Groups took part in National Science and Engineering Week. We were very impressed by the imaginative designs produced by students in Years 7 9 as they imagined what life would be like in the year 2114. Superb ideas included hoverboards, teleportation devices and creative solutions to the energy crisis and world food production problems.

Our older students were keen to participate in our interform science competition, loosely based on the quiz show Only Connect. Lunchtime heats were fiercely contested and well supported and were followed by the grand finale which saw 10N and 11N crowned champions.

During the week we hosted a number of guests who were able to talk about their work in the fields of science and engineering. These included a researcher into atmospheric science from Manchester University. He showed us slides of his visits to the rainforest in Borneo and a civil engineer from Manchester City Council who brought a bridge building challenge and told us about the challenges of building a new bridge at the Etihad stadium and the problems she faces due to the graveyard buried underneath the planned route of the new tram lines in Manchester City Centre.  What do you do if a digger accidentally pulls up someone’s remains?

Students had another opportunity to find out about the work of real life scientists by taking part in the ‘I’m a scientist get me out of here’ online web chats.

Students were able to chat with scientists about their work. We learnt a lot about the cutting edge of research into cures and treatments for cancer.

With demonstrations and science themed assemblies, Elton Science Week was a huge success.