– Key stage 4

Year 10 French

Pupils are following the Edexcel French course and will complete the GCSE in 2017.

Autumn 2016:

Qui suis-je? (Who am I?)

Les temps des loisirs. (Free time and hobbies)

Spring 2017:

Jours ordinaires, jours de fête. (Ordinary days, celebrations)

De la ville à la campagne. (From town to country)

Summer 2017:

Le grand large. (The big holiday)

Le grand large and recap time

Mock Writing, Reading and Listening Tests – July


Year 11 French

Autumn 2016

Au collège

Bon travail

Mock Writing, Reading & Listening Tests – December * to be confirmed with school assessment

Spring 2017

Un oeil sur le monde

Recap time and revision for final exams.

Focus on revision for speaking exams.

Summer 2017

Revision for final exams

Year 11 Spanish

Pupils are following the Edexcel Spanish course and will complete the GCSE in 2015

Autumn 2016:

De Vacaciones (Holidays)

CA Writing – Holidays (15%). Preparation before ½ term hols & assessment week after ½ term hols

De paseo por Sevilla and Donde viva mi barrio recap

Mock Reading & Listening Tests – December

Spring 2017:

La Salud

CA Speaking – Healthy lifestyle / Home & Local Environment (teacher preference)(15%). Preparation & assessment end of Feb

Nuestro Planeta

Summer 2017:

Revision for Reading & Listening Examinations

Exams – R (20%) and L (20%) – May